Our Reviews

Thank you!! We had an awesome time. It was a perfect evening for playing manaball and the boys had a great time.
— Sarah Jimenez, BIrthday Party
My kids had a great time at their cousins 13th birthday ! Thank you !
— Carie Gebhart Penn, Birthday Party
This was so much fun even for us moms and a such good little work out to get the blood pumping! My favorite part was to run towards the person trying to get me then at the last second tuck and roll x’D Great fun and wonderful memories! I would recommend this at any kind of party!
— Nicholina Marie Temple, Birthday Party
Thank you Joey! The kids still talk about the fun they had that evening. I’ve been recommending you to friends. One small bit of feedback is for a way to streamline the setup process. It looked like you spent quite a bit of time blowing leaves off the grass, which in turn made the festivities a little delayed. My suggestion would be to tell your customers ahead of time that they need to blow leaves off the grass even before you arrive. I hope you have great success in the years to come Joey and i’m sure we will be having a ManaBall party again.
— Michelle Collins, Birthday Party
Thanks Joey. We had a great time. We’ll do it again!
— Dan Eckley, Neighborhood Church of Anderson/cottonwood Youth Party
Joey thank you for hosting my kids birthday party! They had a blast!
— Cheyanne Misty, birthday party
UPrep Sober Grad 2018 hired Manaball for part of our outdoor entertainment for the kids and it was the hit of the night! By far the most popular activity we offered. Joey and his team were suburb and really got into the spirit of the evening. A survey of the kids the following day showed that they all agreed it should be a standing part of Sober Grad every year.
— Kerry Cordy, U-Prep Sober Grad Party 2018
It was amazing fun 😀 best family day ever!!
— Elke Lynn Bibbins, family recreational
The games were dope and you guys killed it. Definitely spreading the word about you guys!!
— Tyson Hooper, Downtown Redding Dutch bros crew team bonding event
We LOVED having you guys out there to join us! Thank you for putting on such an amazing Manaball session and for keeping the hype going the whole time... AWESOME experience!
— Newman Catholic Center - Davis
We will most definitely do it again. It was a memorable day for the children.
— Terri Boddy, Shalom Elementary School
West Valley High School Sober Grad highly recommends Manaball for all group events!! Professional, fun, and polite to all the kids, parents and volunteers. You are the best! If you are thinking about trying them, do not hesitate, just do it.
— Patty (2019 Sober Grad committee volunteer)
Manaball was an activity that was purchased for my son for his birthday by his Nana. Joey was easy to work with to set up a date, he was ready to go when we arrived. he was attentive to safety of my little ones and made the game enjoyable and entertaining for everyone. We will definitely be wanting to play again!
— Jessica (Birthday party rental)