Operation Clean Park: Just as much as we like to use the parks for our service, we also like to see them clean for the whole community to use. Our staff will always search for disposable items before and after our appointments to help keep our parks clean! It's not a big change but every little change can help make a huge difference. Together let's help make the parks a clean area for our friends and family! 

Redding's Kids kingdom 2 Renovation: One of our favorite childhood parks, Kid's kingdom, is getting a make over!! The City of Redding has announced a campaign to raise $310,000 to bring new equipment, fencing and security to the park! Rest assured all the old equipment and handprints will remain. The city is asking local business's to help with donations and we at ManaBall would love to give back to the community! Help us raise funds to purchase a new play equipment simply by scheduling appointments with us! We'll do our best to save enough funds to donate a new playground equipment! By scheduling with us, you're not just experiencing the newest contact sport to hit the united states, but also you'll be helping us give back to the community! Can you say two birds with one stone?! For more information about the project, visit http://www.redding.com/news/local/Push-to-create-inclusive-playground-376335261.html. 

Mana Youth Festival 2016: We are pleased to announce our partnership with The Catalyst Youth Center and  the hosting of the annual Mana Youth Festival in Redding, California! This event is to help raise funds for The Stirring's Community Youth Center. The purpose of this center is to provide mentor-ship for the Redding young that struggle with parent relationships. The event is still under the works and we'll update you as soon as we can! Thank you for your patience!