At manaball, we realize that money isn't everything but it definitely doesn't have to be evil. Money can be a medium that reveals who we are individually: meaning it can be used in a good way or a bad way. Until we regress back to the good ole days when we can trade a cow for land or however it goes, our country will always use currency and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. We definitely are in the business to make profit but we are mostly interested in leaving behind a legacy of helping others in the local community. We love what we do at ManaBall and the many joys and benefits it brings. One of the many benefits is of course helping raising funds/awareness for a cause/organization. We'll never cease to grow our network and partner with like-minded individuals/organizations that have the same interest to giving back to the community as we do. Together we can make a difference and Redding can still become a great city for all to live in and enjoy! Whether it be utilizing our service for an non-profit event, a business promotion or any other ways we can be of help please fill out the form below and share with us your ideas and goals! Together let's make Redding a more fun and safe place to live in!   -ManaBall team-
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