Take on the #ManaBallChallenge! 

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#ManaBall Challenge...

Northern California is a beautiful area that has endless amount of possibility for exploration. From miles upon miles of hiking at Mt.Lassen, to refreshing swimming or fishing spots at Whiskeytown lake, numerous hidden gems like Mossbrae Falls and the Subway Caves, and so much more! The amount of adventures to be had is endless! That's why we're encouraging everyone to get off the couch and enjoy the great outdoors of Northern California! While you're out and about exploring, why not also get rewarded for doing so?!   

Win AWESOME prizes like these!: 

1st place winner:

  • A free 8 x ManaBall (1 hour 30 minute) ManaBall + Giant inflatable soccerball rental from us! A $104 value! 
  • A free 8 x ManaTag (1 hour 30 minute) rental!   

2nd place winner: 

  • A free entry to The No Man Left Behind Challenge by WOD Warrior Youth Athletic Club! A $80 value! *More information about the challenge found here.*
  • A large pizza by Ultimate Pizza Company! 
  • A $20 Chevron Gift Card from Zippy's Food Mart/Chevron Gas station on Placer in Redding!     

How do you enter?: 

Contest Qualifications and Rules: 

Step 1: You must be a follower of one of our social media accounts: 

  facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NorCalManaBall/

  Instagram: @norcalmanaball

 Snapchat: norcalmanaball or find us by snapcode

 Youtube: NorCalManaBall

Step 2: Print out a paper with the hastag #ManaBallChallenge. (As seen as in the picture provided above^^^) 

Step 3: Get off the couch and start exploring! Where you go and what you'd like to do is totally up to you! It can anywhere from a simple walk in the park, swimming at a lake, hiking a trail or mountain, exploring a cave, you name it! Anything that involves the outdoor and doing a physical activity. If need help with idea don't hesitate to ask us at info@manaball.us!

Step 4: While you're out and about, take a photo/selfie with the printed copy of the hashtag #ManaBallChallenge in it and post on any of the social media accounts that you are following us with or vieo. In your post briefly explain why you chose that activity and what you love about Northern California or your city! Be creative as much as possible! PLEASE be sure to tag us and use the #ManaBallChallenge in your post as at the end of the contest we'll be gathering all contest entries from tags and through the hashtag search engine. If have any technical issues while doing so please don't hesitate to reach out for help! 

*WARNING: ManaBall as the sponsor has the right to disqualify a contestant if photo is deemed not publicly acceptable. Winner will be announced on September 1st, 2017 at 12:00 P.M. PST. on our dedicated contest page and on all of our social media platforms. CONTEST ENDS August 30th, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Any entries after that date and time will not be qualified. ManaBall and other partnered sponsors are not liable for any injuries or personal damages occurred to participants during the contest. Above all please be safe and have fun enjoying the outdoors!* 

*Special thanks to the following local businesses for helping us make this happen!*

Website: www.Manatag.net  Fb: norcalmanatag  instagram: norcalmanatag  Snapchat:  Snapcode

Website: www.Manatag.net

Fb: norcalmanatag

instagram: norcalmanatag

Snapchat: Snapcode

Zippy's Food Mart/Chevron Gas Station on 1750 Pleasant Street 

Zippy's Food Mart/Chevron Gas Station on 1750 Pleasant Street 

Website: http://cfryac.org  Instagram: @cpgwaite  Facebook: @CrossfitReddingYAC   

Website: http://cfryac.org

Instagram: @cpgwaite

Facebook: @CrossfitReddingYAC


Website: reddingsultimate-pizza.com  FB: @ReddingsUltimatePizza 

Website: reddingsultimate-pizza.com

FB: @ReddingsUltimatePizza