Just what is ManaBall?

In the industry, our equipments are known as "bubble balls", "Bumperballs", but for our branding we like to call them "Manaballs" after the hawaiian word "Mana". A ManaBall is a single circular-like shaped inflatable ball that is worn like a backpack: Has adjustable shoulder straps and bar handles. Basically imagine yourself playing bumper cars but instead, imagine yourself in a big plastic ball and slamming yourself against a friend or family member inside another and there you have it! Bumper human! As you both fall backwards from colliding, the plastic cushions your fall as you both roll away laugh hysterically. With four or more players, this becomes a battlefield full of laughter and bodies bouncing left and right with ribs hurting from excessive laughing as the only form of pain! Soccer is the main sport that's played with our equipment but we also have a list of customized games that's fun and safe for all ages: from the most energetic youth to the most mischievous elderly. We are proud to introduce to the great Northern California area, a harmless and exhilarating sport that came to existence from Japan, Australia, Europe and now rapidly spreading across the United States! Jump In the ball with us today and experience for yourselves the new biggest wave of entertainment!

How does this work?

We do not sell the ManaBalls but provide a rental entertainment service. Alongside with the ManaBalls we also provide a referee, soccer goals, and a list full of many customizeable ManaBall games that you can pick and choose at your appointment! For a appointment to be successfully made, we'll need the following key information from you: # of players, date and duration of appointment, desired location of appointment, purpose of appointment, and how will you provide payment?

Number of ManaBalls needed: You can determine how many ManaBalls you'd need to rent by the following: (24 ManaBalls (24-27 players), 22 ManaBalls (22-25 players) 20 ManaBalls (20-23 players), etc. Only one person can fit in each ManaBall but we definitely allow player switching. We'd also need to know the height of all the players as we have two sizes, a medium and a large.

Desired location of appointment: Our ManaBall games can be played on any flat surface in a area that is comfortably large enough for a small soccer game. EX: Enterprise park.(We can provide you a list of parks that we personally have deemed safe and adequate space for our service.) We can even come to your very own backyard!

Date and duration of appointment: Don't be afraid to contact us if don't have a set date and time yet as we can be flexible in scheduling with you. We just need a rough idea of what date(s) you'd "like" to shoot for and we can work from there. After angreeing on a date and time, we also will need to know how long of an appointment do you require. We have two options you can choose from: A one hour and a half long appointment or 2 hour and a half appointment. We use the first 30 minutes to set up and go over rules/safety witht he players. (If need more time we definitely can customize to your needs.)

Purpose of appointment: To help us prepare the best games and environment for your appointment, we'd like to know the purpose of you scheduling with us. For example would it be for a birthday party? Corporate team building/bonding? or just want to knock your friends/family around? Our games are customizable meaning we tweak our games to fit the type of appointment that you seek whether it be simply for entertainment, bonding with fellow staff/team members/family/friends, or to get a good cardio burn.

How can you provide payment?: You can securely pay upfront by phone or on our scheduling page to lock in your appointment, or if paying by cash can pay at the location of the scheduled appointment. Please let us know in advance though if one person or more is responsible for paying the rental fee. If sharing the cost with others and need to know how much the cost is per player we can definitely calculate for you.

Is Manaball safe?

While the same risks apply with ManaBall as any other contact sport, it actually is very safe because the majority of your body is protected by a giant ball of plastic. You'll also be strapped in with shoulder straps and handles. In our research from reaching out to other similar businesses, its VERY rare for a client to even suffer from a broken bone. There are always going to be risks with any contact sport, but ManaBall so far has maintained a very safe history and many of our clients are loving it because its like wrapping oneself in bubble wrap. As long as everyone abides to our safety and play rules we can assure that everyone will leave unharmed. (All players are required to sign a standard waiver prior to playing and anyone under 18 must have it signed by a parent or legal guardian at http://manaball.us/href-liabilitywaiver35as76a70fh7e-457fd67fh/ AND http://manaball.us/product-use-form/.) The only injury outcome you can expect is sore ribs and throat from excessive laughter!

What is provided with the rental?

We provide the full setup of the ManaBalls. (delivery, inflation and breakdown). We will also provide a list of "games" to play. With a rental of 4 or more balls, we will also provide a soccer ball and 2 goals, complimentary 8 oz water bottle for each player, and a referee to help run the games. If you know who will be on your team ahead of time, color coordinate, dress up, have fun! Remember to wear clothing suitable for an outdoor recreation purpose!

What type of location can ManaBall be played at?

For the most safe ManaBall experience, outdoor grass or turf fields are recommended. However, ManaBall still can be played inside a gym or carpeted floor. For carefully chosen outdoor pack locations or to use a partnered facility because check the google map in our schedule now section. We can even come to your home as long as your front/backyard is free of sharp debris and enough room for a basic small soccer game.

What is the height requirement for ManaBall?

To really be able to use the ManaBall's we reoommend at least 4' 0" for the medium because the balls do weigh 20-25 lbs. Anyone over 5'5" will use the large. We have had children less then 8 years old just get inside of a ball and roll around as Mom or Dad pushed them around.

How old do I have to be to play ManaBall?

There is no age requirement per say. It is more of a height and strength limit because it may be difficult to play Bumper Soccer and carry the ball on your shoulders (20 - 25 lbs.) Height requirements is mentioned in "What is the height requirement for ManaBall?" but people of all ages can at least get inside the balls and just roll around. Youth 17 and under must be accompanied and signed for by a parent or guardian.

Are we seeking partnerships?

Absolutely! If you need help with fundraising for a cause/non-profit, or even would like to partner up for a local event we'd gladly would like to be of help. Please fill out our partnership form on our http://manaball.us/partner-with-us/ page and we'll contact you as soon as possible!

How many ManaBalls should I rent?

Our pricing is based on how many ManaBalls you'll be renting. Currently we only have twenty-four ManaBalls: 12 Large and 12 medium. (For sizing please rever to the "What height do i need to be to use manaball" question above. We also do low player substitution. For example, you can book for 24 balls and have a total of 27 players. The balls can weigh up to 25 lbs so they can be pretty heavy and can even tire out even the most active athelete: Especially when you're being knocked around for an hour or more. When one of your party members tires out, another from the sideline that has/is paid for can join in their place. If you'd like to experience for yourselves how draining it can be keep connected with us as we will announce days where we will be hosting short 5mins/$5 play in a public location.

Do we do rentals outside of Redding?

You bet! As we are only licensed to do business in Redding though, customers are responsible though for getting permission to use private/public property they've chosen for the appointment and a fee of $.50/mile will be charged after 20 miles outside of central Redding. However, if appointment is for an event or special occasion, the fee possibly can be waived or negotiated.

Does one person have to pay for the entire bill?

Absolutely not! To help you avoid the hassle of having to collect and deposit all the money into one card, we have a cash box and card reader available at the appointment so each person can pay their part. For example, let's say you book an appointment for 12 ManaBalls for a regular 1 hour 30 minutes, that'd be $139. Divide that by 12 and that'd be $11.59 per person.

What if a party member doesn't show up to your appointment?

If you scheduled and paid in advance, we'll immediately refund you that person's fee which could take up to 2-3 days. If didn't pay in advance then we simply will not charge you their share because of their absense.

Can a unpaid party member join in mid-game?

Unforunately no. Only if their fee is paid in full and they were present at the beginning of the appointment. To ensure a smooth process and to avoid confusion, please make sure that every party member arrives on time for the appointment. If an unexpected event occurs that delays them from arriving in time, we MAY OR MAY NOT push back the appointment time depending on availability and the reason of the delay. Of course if you alert us in a timely matter we definitely will adjust the appointment time.